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Stepping Into Your Season of Destiny

by Jeff Teel - January 2013

I'm writing this post because of something the Lord revealed to me in a dream the first day of this New Year regarding the seasons of our lives and the destinies that we are specifically tied to in the middle of those seasons. After this dream I kept hearing the Lord say in my spirit, "I'm showing you this so you will know how to step fully into the destiny of the seasons I will place you in." For many of us it is hard sometimes to understand the when, why, and how of what we find ourselves in the middle of.  It would seem sometimes we find ourselves asking, "how did I wind up here Lord" or "why was this situation thrust upon me" or  "when are the prophetic words that were spoken over me ever coming to pass because this sure ain't it." As to the dream I had and it's meaning I will get to that shortly.

On the outside looking in,it would seem that Papa God has a strange way of going about completing His destiny in our lives sometimes. But we must remember His word to us in Isaiah 55:8-9 where Isaiah writes, "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways," says the Lord. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts." So we must come to this conclusion in a very resolute way and that is this, our natural carnal mind and thoughts can't ever understand what God is doing or what He is up to. BUT that doesn't mean that He will not reveal His ways. The good news is that there is a way of understanding that we CAN gain and find complete rest and fulfillment in. Yes there is a way to recognize and understand what Papa God is doing in that moment or that season of your life. Yes, you can step out of your circumstances and step fully into your destiny with Papa God.  If you really want to know read on.

Ok, so here it is. There is a basic truth we must grasp to fully comprehend what God is doing in each of us and how it can impact eternity. God has designed and engineered for our lives to move through seasons where He is working in us, and working things out of us, and working mostly to making us into the image of His Son Jesus Christ. There are certain things that can only happen when we're in that season for that specific thing to come forth. Just like a fruit tree has a specific time of harvest, Papa God has a certain time to bring about His will. We see the same thing in the New Testament where events happened in accordance with Jewish festivals. Now Romans 8:28-29 explicitly states, Papa God is "working ALL things for good to those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose." Believe me in this - God has purposed a specific time and place for things to happen. The sooner you and I rest in this fact and cooperate with the Holy Spirit in this the better. And I mean WAY BETTER.

So here's how we get to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and find out what the destiny is that he has us in. Romans 8 also states that,"we must live according to the Spirit by having our minds set on what the Holy Spirit desires." Boom, there it is. What the Spirit desires - Oh my. Yes that's right. The Spirit of Papa God will reveal to us and give us understanding of the destiny that He has designed for us right in the middle of the season that we find ourselves placed in. So how do I receive this revelation you might say ?  Ok, for me to answer this and for you to accept this you are going to have to realize this is going to take a completely different way of thinking and this kind of thinking may surprise you.

The way of understanding the Spirit of God is to believe like a little child. We must see ourselves as little children before Papa God, continuously approaching Him as a humble little child and simply believing and accepting and resting in what the Holy Spirit will stir in our hearts. Then we MUST ONLY do that and nothing else. And I mean NOTHING else. God's direction is to simply believe and to take a step towards that which he has stirred your heart in or towards. Remember this is NOT your intellect or logic because most of the time what you are seeing as a little child is beyond reason. Right?  Kids have awesome imaginations before they are polluted by this world and so do you when you let God get ahold of it praise God. It can be a simple act of love and kindness or it can require a great sacrifice of dying to one's self for someone else but whatever it is it will show in the fruit of expressive love. Really and truly God is then being glorified because as the apostle Paul said, "the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself in love."

So before I finally get to the dream which I started this post with I want to leave you with some basic truths for you to focus on and stew over. Take some time to let these sink in because it will help make sense of things that you may be in. Listed in no specific order:

·         Every season has a destiny connected to it.

·         Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in your current season - He will reveal Gods specific destiny for your life.

·         Your destiny normally unfolds one step at a time, so only do that which you have felt Gods presence in. 

·         Don't miss Gods destiny you are in now by looking too far ahead. Focus NOW is the key to accomplishing Gods will in the season you are in.

·          Don't be complacent with the circumstances that seem unchangeable. You must not let them stop you when the Holy Spirit is stirring you to show love.

·         Be deliberate in showing Gods love stirred in your heart and don't let circumstances carry you along. Make your circumstances fall in line and take priority behind showing Gods love.

·         Go ahead and move out of your comfort zone and step out in love.

·         Make sure to get the fullest completion of Gods destiny for you in this season. His desire is for you and I to be as bountiful with His fruit as possible right NOW. Don't abort the love process.


Now for the dream and its interpretation. In this dream my wife and I were standing together out under an extremely starry night sky. It was beautiful and spectacular. As we gazed up into the starry heavens the stars all at once became pronounced into the specific astrological signs that we know of today. They just stood out more distinctly than the other stars and the whole heavens were spread with the various astrological signs. As we continued to look up something amazing happened. In what looked like a digital type drawing started to appear and be drawn right before our eyes in the heavens. Each sign was now having a circle drawn around each. Then lines were being drawn connecting the various circled signs. Other types of things were being drawn that explained how they were connected. It looked like the night sky was a big galactic blueprint or map. It was awesome beyond words. To that I woke up on the morning of Wednesday January 2, 2013.

Of course I wake my wife up and tell her about it and neither of us knew what it could mean but we determined that we would pray about it and ask the Lord for the interpretation when I got home from work. But while I was standing there I asked the Lord in my heart what all this could mean. So no sooner had I walked into the kitchen when I got the download of its meaning to which this article relates to. The Spirit of God said, "the night sky and all its starry hosts and signs represent the different seasons that you and your wife have been in , are in, and will be in. The signs that man see's from earth are only seen at different times of the year and they represent seasons because only certain ones can be seen as the earth revolves. I am going to reveal to you the seasons so you will gain understanding of the season you and others are in and will be going into. The reason why I showed you all the signs under one heaven and all the lines and circles drawn to each is to let you know I will give you understanding of how certain things and events are connected in your life and others lives. This will bring meaning and understanding and cause things to start making sense that was not yet known OR EVEN THOUGHT OF."

Once it hit me I was overwhelmed and astounded and still basking in the presence of God in my heart over this. One major thing this has done for me is to encourage and propel me into following through with the simple thing that the Holy Spirit has spoken to my wife and I two months ago. It is a labor of love what we are being stirred to do but we believe there is a great harvest coming out of it this year. A harvest of souls, harvest of hearts being mended, harvest of little children becoming powerful spiritual giants through simple faith, and the kingdom of God advancing.

I pray those of you who actually read through this whole post will be blessed and encouraged to step fully into your destiny. Please pass this along and feel free to re-post and share online. Please hit like on Facebook and recommend others to become a friend of the Burn for Him Facebook page.     

Love, Jeff & Theresa




In this dream I was setting on a wooden deck outside with Dave Noel in what I first thought was my back yard but was much different because the property had a large hill in one corner of the property and much more acerage. As Dave and I were setting on the deck we both saw  the property full of dogs of all different breeds positioned all around the property. Even my own dog (a rat terrier) was part of the group.

All at once all the dogs turned toward the hill and moved in that direction in unison a few steps at a time and stopped and lifted one of their front paws just as a pointer would.  They all continued in this same fashion moving toward the top of the hill but never got to the top of the hill. The closer they got to the top the more they would stay closer to the ground as they were taking steps. Then finally, instead of pointing they all stopped and laid on the ground on the side of the hill with noses all pointing in one direction .  It was a very stealthy move much like a lion would when seeking to pounce on it's prey. I stood up to yell something to the dogs and Dave stopped me and said," just wait you will see what their pointing at."   All of a sudden as Dave and I were watching this scene unfold an Afghan hound came over the top of the hill and headed down the hill toward Dave and I at the deck. This dog was what the other dogs were pointing toward before it ever came over the hill because they could sense it coming. The interesting thing about the Afghan hound was that it was very skinny and malnourished. You could see that it had been abused by its previous owner and even still had a broken rope around its neck that it had been tied up with. The hound was an extremely sweet female dog and Dave said," I will train it to have the same pointing senses like I did with these other dogs." I then woke up out of the dream.

Interpretation -

·      The different breeds of dogs represented people of different personalities, shapes, sizes, nationalities.

·      Pointing was NOT a part of these dogs natural senses to do so but were trained to have that sense and trained to act this way. (Per Dave- the pointing finger is representative of the prophetic in the 5 fold ministry)

·      The Afghan hound represented an unsaved person who had just broken free of the bondage and abuse of the devil.

·      Per Dave - These actions by the dogs were representative of prophetic evangelism.





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